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The New Year brings exciting new ways for FOCTLS to reach out!

January 27, 2011

The New Year brings exciting new ways to reach out. Please join FOCTLS.  At every meeting in the last few years I have listened as librarian after librarian enumerated all the wonderful things that CTLS provides to them in the way of support and educational opportunities. The Friends of CTLS (FOCTLS) was started several years ago to support the mission of CTLS, to provide their safety net and to help them make the transition to non-profit system.

In 2010, FOCTLS decided to show our support of CTLS by providing grants to librarians who needed a bit of help to reach their educational goals. Eighteen took advantage of the program last year. Many thanks to the staff at CTLS for putting a reminder on the enrollment page.
In January, the FOCTLS board met and re-affirmed our goal of supporting CTLS as it reaches out to its current and potential member libraries. In 2011 FOCTLS will offer the following programs:

  • up to thirty (30) educational grants of up to $50 for attending the workshops that CTLS provides
  • up to three (3) grants of up to $500 for librarians to attend TLA
  • up to twenty (20) on-site educational grant of up to $50 to enable a CTLS workshop to be provided at your location
  • staffing a booth at TLA to acquaint participants with CTLS and FOCTLS. Tell librarians what each organization has to offer to libraries.

What can you do to help reach the FOCTLS these goals?

  • Join or renew your FOCTLS membership — just give us your check and information. Memberships start at $10 and are due now.
  • Encourage the librarians you know to renew their membership.
  • Volunteer to spend an hour or two in the booth at TLA Conference to share your enthusiasm and knowledge.
  • Bring a friend!
  • Purchase books at the FOCTLS booksale at the Winter Meeting. (more information and link in next post)


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