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CTLS Workshop Stipends

August 18, 2010

CTLS, Inc. is requesting that The Friends of CTLS fund twenty $50 stipends in 2011 to help CTLS, Inc. member library staff and supporters attend System workshops. The purpose is to assist those who cannot attend a System workshop due to financial concerns. The stipend covers the workshop fees, transportation, and replacement staffing. FOCTLS members will vote on the stipends at the September 24, 2010 FOCTLS meeting held in Cameron.

Stipend Guidelines

 Stipend requests are made via email.  Stipend requests must be received one week prior to workshop date.  Stipends are available to CTLS, Inc. member library staff and supporters.

How the Stipend Works

Please register and pay for desired System workshop through Eventbrite. Then email the following information to :

  1. your name
  2. your email address
  3. your physical address  
  4. your phone number
  5. the library which you’re affiliated 
  6. your position at the library (director, library staff, volunteer, lay representative, board member) 
  7. the CTLS workshop you’d like to attend
  8. a brief description of how this workshop will help your library services (no more than a paragraph)

Please forward your workshop email confirmation to to show proof of purchase.  FOCTLS will review application and contact applicant.  Successful applicants will receive a $50 check within one week of workshop attendance.

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